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Package Three Information

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How you earn money

  • Every player that registers and deposits at your casino automatically become credited to you.
  • Each and every time that they visit your casino and spend money, you earn 55% of the net revenue!
  • You earn up to 10% over-ride commission of the net revenue for the lifetime of every player that your referred webmasters send
  • Payments are sent out around the 20th of every month
  • You can check your stats at any time of the day to see how successful your casino is.

We never ask for a cent and the potential of earnings lies in your hands! All you have to do is promote your site and watch the money roll in!

Commission Breakdown:

Monthly Net Revenue Commission Rate Webmaster Over-ride Rate Member Status
$0 - $24,999 55% 5% Standard
$25,000 - $99,999 55% 7.5% Silver
$100,000 + 55% 10% Gold

What are Silver and Gold members?

As with our FREE program, Silver and Gold members receive increasingly bigger incentives. We decided to give ALL our "Package 3" members a commission rate of 55%, due to the extra investment on their part.

When you hit Silver member status, a number of exciting things take place:

  • Your webmaster over-ride will immediately increase to 7.5%
  • You will receive a one-off bonus payment of $2,000

When you hit Gold member status, you will be entitled to more rewards:

  • Your webmaster over-ride will immediately increase to 10%
  • You will receive a one-off bonus payment of $10,000
  • You will be entitled to 2 FREE LUXURY tickets on a Caribbean Cruise!

Don't forget!  Once you hit Silver or Gold status, you will never go back down to standard status.  So make sure you have your sun-tan lotion and join us now!

Click here for an example commission payment.


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